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I met Chris and Trina at the Seattle Wedding Show.  These two were very busy as they were at the beginning of opening Trina’s orthodontist practice in Woodinville, WA while also trying to plan a destination wedding. That’s where I came in…I got to help them navigate their destination wedding plans and design so they could keep their focus on the practice. We did almost all of the planning meetings at their office after work hours to make it most convenient for them. Deciding on the location was the hardest part, as it is for every destination weddings. Once Hawaii was selected, then we had to pick an island…then a resort… :)

The Fairmont Orchid on the big island of Hawaii turned out to be the perfect fit for their size, budget and style.  The Fairmont Orchid is great because it carries the brand and service of a Fairmont property but isn’t very big compared to its sister property over on Maui or other surrounding mega hotels on the big island. It almost feels like a boutique hotel and is a perfect size for a smaller wedding group.

The wedding was held just before Christmas so the hotel and surroundings were all decked out for the holidays.  I am so in love with the red poinsettia plants that overwhelm Hawaii during this season. Their colors of deep red-fuchsia and purple were perfect for this time of year in Hawaii.

The wedding day started off a little rocky — without warning there were record breaking waves that day along the Kohala coast and a large wave had crashed into the resort at 6am that morning, flooding the property. The area that they were going to get married on was flooded as were the restaurants closest to the water.  The hotel staff didn’t miss a beat. They started working on the property immediately.  The incredibly high surf continued all day.  It was so spectacular I even saw a chef grab a surf board and go tear up a few waves during his lunch break.  Gotta love the cowabunga dude attitude of the locals!

Take a look at the surf that day:

Fairmont ORchid

As the day went on we needed to make the call whether or not we should do the wedding outside so close to the ocean or move into a ballroom.  This was a very difficult decision for everyone to make, including the hotel for liability purposes.  I am glad the hotel made the right decision and I am glad the bride and groom weren’t scared off by this either.  Lets just say no one was swept away and they had the most spectacular backdrop to their wedding I’ve probably ever seen. The waves were so massive and loud, you could barely hear the ukulele player during the ceremony.





CT 643

A MASSIVE thank you to the Fairmont Orchid Hawaii for all of their hard work in clearing the area for their wedding!

And to the amazing team that made this happen:

PHOTOGRAPHER: Fletch Photography
FLORAL & CAKE: Fairmont Orchid Hotel
CHANDELIERS: Big Island Events
INVITATIONS: Nicole Mae Paper Design
(one of my favorite people for destination wedding invitations!)