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Jan 07, 2010

Hi all,

Thought I would catch up and start blogging some more of the fantastic weddings of 2009. So often I write about the wedding details, but I strive to tell more about the couple and the unique relationship each couple has. The couple married with the wedding details are what makes weddings memorable.

Meet Laura and David…they are two (very passionate) folks, whom are two very different people…yet they are strangely meant for each other. I smile when I write this because these two and the way they act together hit very close to home… =)
(All who know Ryan and I will understand!)

To reconcile any differences with regards to the wedding palette they each chose a color. Laura picked green and David (for the love of his Alma matter, chose purple.) Behold, an elegant spring wedding of purple and green…uniquely in tune to their passions.

Hats off to Kristen Honeycutt for the most outstanding photography at this wedding. This is just a small sample if the photos from this wedding..there were so many good ones to choose from!!

For the love of beauty…and the dress… For the love of friendship…
For the love of shoes…For the love of not letting a few little sprinkles ruin your wedding day..
For the love of having a mutual childhood friend (and might I add, hysterical speaker) get ordained over the Internet to marry you…
For the love of love…
For David’s love of organization and calculated process…(the organized seating list)

For Laura’s love of creativity and their love of hiking… (the other seating list)
This is the first wedding I have seen with two seating lists…for the love of compromise
For the love of colored linens…
For the love of Italian food & honoring their first date…(check out chef Anthony from Brown’s Catering cooking away at the pasta bar)
For the love of saying, “It is ok that I don’t have to have a traditional wedding cake at my wedding…”
We all know how this night ended…for the love of sparkler exits…