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Jan 14, 2011

Now this is a love story that might give you goosebumps…

Eric and Mavis were classmates in Taiwan in elementary school. They were even 3rd grade sweethearts.  Eventually they went their separate ways to continue their education.  Loooong story short, Eric ended up here in Seattle after college while Mavis ended up back in Taiwan.  So, this new social networking site, Facebook came along…  :)  Eric decided to look up his 3rd grade sweetheart only to befriend Mavis that lived continents away.  They started talking via Skype and messaging on Facebook until the day that Mavis came to visit Eric in Seattle.  He proposed.

Both of their families and all of their friends traveled all the way to Kirkland, WA to be apart of Eric and Mavis’s wedding last August at the Woodmark Hotel.  It was intimate, beautiful and filled with joy.  It was such an honor to be even a small part in Eric and Mavis’s ongoing love story.

I helped plan the wedding from start to finish getting to know them over coffee and cake!  They knew my love for cake and wanted to take me to their local bakery, even ordering in Chinese for me.  AND I tried bubble tea for the first time!  Nearly every part of this wedding day was spoken in Chinese and many who attended didn’t speak any English.  If anything was spoken in English–including me speaking to direct guests, it was translated to Chinese.  Regardless of me being there the entire wedding day, not understanding a word anyone was saying–it didn’t matter.  Hate to sound cheesy, but love really needs no translation.

This beautiful August day was captured by La Vie Photography.  Thanks Kim & Adam!

Letterpress Invitations by Paper Passionista

One of my favorite wedding dresses of all time. Voletta Couture. Designer: Amsale

Look at that Detail! This dress was the wedding dress worn by the bride in ‘The Hangover’

Mavis was GLOWING all day long!

Eric & Mavis in elementary school!

Fun signature cocktail – Champagne & Hypnotique

3 cakes! …had to represent Skype and Facebook!

Woddy it the resident Woodmark Hotel pup!

Due to all of the forest fires in the area, the sky was a beautiful orange haze that day.

Sparkler Exit