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Dec 11, 2008
Thinking of Sheneil and Cory brings a wide smile to my face. Although I met more with Sheneil and Emilee (her wonderful maid of honor) than Cory I got to know them and get along with them, building a friendship along the way. I liked Sheneil from the moment she interviewed me and it was fun getting to know her over the 9 months of planning.
It was a special day and it ended with a big party! The reception was beautiful. Sheneil, Emilee and I sat down and put our heads together to design her ceremony and reception. She had a pretty good idea of what she wanted and trusted me to do the rest and make it happen. The colors were classic black and white but she wanted to spice up the party by adding magenta. There was a lot of color at this reception, from the pink chair ties to the pink up lighting to the pink champagne, it was truly “Pretty in Pink.”
This magical night was photographed by the very talented Kelly Chandler. I have posted a few pictures below, and will post more soon!
A-Pink D-pink E-Pink Kliewer-2126 Kliewer-2386 Kliewer-2391 Kliewer-2402 Kliewer-2528 Sheneil 2 Sheneil 3 sheneilA shenielB