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I just loved working with D+D for their wedding.  Nicest couple and all they wanted was to celebrate their wedding somewhere awesome and with their closest friends and family.  As the groom’s grandparents and parents were married in Greece, it was only fitting that they kept with tradition.  So they chose the town of Oia in Santorini. These two were so carefree about their wedding plans. They just wanted to get married and that is pretty much all that mattered. No white dress, no fuss, just amazing food and an epic view.  For example, they didn’t even want to see the venue until they were literally walking down the aisle!  Of course I took mother of the bride over for a sneak peek before the big day…

I was so honored that they trusted me to handle all of the little details and it was surely a wedding to remember!

Some of my favorites of the week:

  • Rehearsal Dinner at KARMA restaurant: the most intimate restaurant without a view in Oia (no view needed after dark)
  • Bride’s Chanel dress she decided to purchase just weeks before the wedding
  • Color palette to match her dress. Bright primary colors and sunflowers against the Santorni white & blue.
  • Epic views throughout Oia all week long
  • Half mile traditional Greek ceremony processional from their villa to their ceremony terrace — being lead by an amazing Greek band (they even picked up a pooch along the way)
  • The fabulous 2 hour multi-course meal that would have cost a small fortune anywhere else in the world. But not in Greece!
  • Groom surprising his Bride after dessert with a private firework show
  • Morning after wedding breakfast including a chef cooking up made to order omelettes at their villa and of course…the bloody mary bar
  • Private Catamaran cruise touring the islands after breakfast

Here is a little sneak peek into their intimate wedding week in Oia, Santorini, Greece:

Accommodations for the guests included this lovely private villa (slept 14) that the bride and groom rented for the bridal party as well as a block of hotel rooms from the beautiful resort just right next door.



Recognize D’s dress? She saw this on the cover of Bazaar and decided it would be perfect! A luxurious sundress by Chanel.

This is Antonia and I pausing for a quick photo.  She was my contact in Santorini that helped me make the wedding plans flawless when needing local resources.

Dara  Danny_IMG_2487
Dara  Danny_IMG_2633

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